The 4x4 orienteering challenge for novice or experienced offroad fanatics... How far you want to go is up to you!

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The home of the 4x4 Orienteering Tag Challenge Events.


It’s hard to find places these days for your 4x4 to go on the terrain it was designed for, let alone find a group that welcomes others to join them in the fun day out.


Each month the events are held in different locations across the countryside of Somerset.  We don’t do cream teas or relaxing in the sunshine, what the event is, is action packed and gert’ muddy offroad fun to the max!  If your car is a colour other than muddy brown at the end of the day, then all you’ve had is a pleasant Sunday drive in the countryside.  We expect our 4x4s to go places you’d never think was possible.

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